How To Grow Your Brand and 
Access New Markets Using A Podcast

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The Get Podcasting Academy Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To "Blue Ocean" Your Brand and Business Using New Media!

Does any of this sound familiar?

You're in a competitive marketplace and want to stand out from the rest of the crowd...

You've spent countless hours trying to attract key decision makers to your business, and you're sick of the frustration of not getting the traction you are after...

Your business is up and running but it's not going as well as you'd like, and you're out of ideas for how to attract customers and take your brand and business to the next level...

If it does, then you are not alone and I've been exactly where you are right now! 

That's why I created the Get Podcasting Academy

After building a loyal listenership in over 100 countries around
the world (with no advertising) and a thriving new media company which is profiting from a lucrative new market, I decided it was time to reveal an entirely new way to put your brand and business in
"uncontested market space"

Over 100 Markets. No Advertising.

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So, if you want to:

Put your brand and business in a league of its own...

Profit from lucrative new markets and capture an "uncontested market space" instead of engaging with traditional competition... 

Attract key decision makers in your market at the right time without wasting time and money doing things that are not going to get you the traction you are after...

Then you've come to the right place!

The Get Podcasting Academy is Your Essential Resource For The Training, Advice, and Support You Need To "Blue Ocean" Your Brand and Business Using New Media AKA Podcasts!

Being part of the Get Podcasting Academy enables you to:

  • Break through the clutter of competitive marketplaces by building a brand narrative that your market loves, and that generates future resonance and salience
  • Extend dialogue and conversations between your brand and key decision makers in your market using a new media platform
  • Grow the reputation of your brand and business by using modern day storytelling techniques that are proven to work for any brand in any market
  • Capture an uncontested media space that is free from traditional competition
  • Tap into the knowledge and experiences of a community of brand experts, storytellers and industry subject matter experts

and MUCH, MUCH more!

"Matt Brown is the answer to Tim Ferriss."


 Author of "Legacide" & CEO, Missing Link

"I just wanted to tell you that your podcast is flipping amazing man! I follow your podcast religiously. Keep doing what you’re doing Matt, your fans are supporting you all the way!"



"Congrats Matt Brown on your informative, inspiring, in-depth podcasts... I'm a fan!!"



Let Me Show You Everything You'll Get When You Join The Get Podcasting Academy Today!

A unique step-by-step course library that will personally guide you through everything that you need to do whether you're at the ideation, creation, launching or growing stage of your podcast.  Our easy-to-use dashboard enables you to know where you are in the process and we release a new course module to you each week.


We provide training and practical advice on all aspects of planning, building, marketing & growing your brand and business using a podcast


Monthly interactive workshops with industry experts where we deep dive into the craft of storytelling, audio production and marketing


Get advice, feedback, motivation and support from an active community of fellow brand builders, entrepreneurs, podcasters and experts who will keep you on track


Get exclusive behind the scenes insight into what Matt Brown Media is experimenting with and get the inside scoop on what worked and what didn't!


Monthly webinars with a Guest Expert to ensure you're always up to date with the latest storytelling and brand building strategies & techniques 


Receive access to a selection of exclusive member-only tools, downloads, checklists and more - plus receive special perks & discounts and industry meet ups

+ Core Course Library - $1,997 /yr Value

+ Training Workshops - $1,188 /yr Value

+ Interactive Webinars - $2,364 /yr Value

+ Member Resources - $997 /yr Value

+ Community Access - (Priceless)

TOTAL VALUE = $6,546 / Year
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"If you do 1000 interviews, 999 will be the same. The other one is the Matt Brown Show. Unique. Interesting. Fun."


Shark Tank Judge & Investor - CEO, TheBeanCounter

"Refreshing approach with an inventive angle. Listening to him is time well spent. The world needs more Matt Browns!"


Shark Tank Judge & Investor, Co-CEO TheCreativeCounsel

"The very best interviewers bring out the unexpected best in their guests. Matt Brown is one of those rare individuals."


 International Best-Selling Author "I am Keats"

Take a Look Inside The Get Podcasting Academy...

This training program is a powerful, easy to use and proven way to build your brand and business and is designed help you become a world-class brand and professional show host and podcaster. 

You will get access to over 12 hours 20 hours of core training content PLUS a new course module and new webinars are released every month! 

A community of brand builders, entrepreneurs and podcasters that will support you every step of the way as you look to grow your brand and business!

Members will receive the latest strategies and tactics as it is released from Matt Brown Media ensuring that you always have the latest information available to use in your own podcast and show!

"Sometimes you meet a guy and you just know he is going to do big things. You just know."


 Host of Crypto Trader, CNBC

"The Matt Brown show is a game-changer. Love the product, enjoy the host, appreciate the speakers. "


Founder & CEO, Empty Trips

"The Matt Brown Show is indispensable for keeping a finger on the pulse of innovation. If legendary were a color it would be Brown."


Blockchain Expert & CEO

A Little Bit About Matt

Hi, I'm Matt, CEO Matt Brown Media & Host of The Matt Brown Show

From zero listeners, I built a loyal listenership in over 100 countries around the world ZERO advertising!

By using a podcast and simply taking an interest in people, I have built a thriving new media company and multiple income streams and now live the lifestyle of
a rockstar entrepreneur

My show (The Matt Brown Show) has hosted billionaires, entrepreneurs and CEO's on 4 different continents and coupled with building businesses in the UK, US and Europe has given me a unique insight into how to create and build things that truly matter to people in a modern and connected world.

"I would like to send my congratulations to you on a phenomenal idea. It has honestly changes my world and the way that I approach life!"


CEO, Tidy Files